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Vertex count: number of verts per object
Fragment count: number of fragments per object
The SceniX engine provides the following functionality for development of OpenGL 3.x programs:
Dynamic mesh data rendering
Shader manipulation
Shader linking
Transparency rendering
Invisible meshes
Out of GPU Memory
Multi-threaded support
Not supported:
Objects with surface normals
Real-time application
Features not working at the moment:
Supported and unsupported functionality is subject to change without notice.

Latest update: August 2nd 2013

SceniX 2.0.0 is now available!
Version 2.0.0 of SceniX takes advantage of the support for OpenGL 3.2 in the current Nvidia drivers and incorporates the following changes:
Allow up to 64 vertex and 32 fragment counts per object
Support for models with 64 vertex and 32 fragment counts per object
Inline vertex and fragment data with the Shader Model 4 and Shader Model 5 shaders
Add support for a single invocations per primitive, so multiple draw calls are only required for programs with large meshes
Improve speed for large meshes by using NVS operations
Support for objects with surface normals
Add support for multiple instances of an object
Fix minor bugs and miscellaneous issues
Note: It is strongly recommended that all SceniX users upgrade to the latest version immediately!

Latest update: January 25th 2013

SceniX 2.0.0 is now available!
SceniX version 2.0.0 is now available!
This version incorporates the following changes:
Improvements for GPUs supporting the Shader Model 5
Add support for objects with surface normals
Add support for transparency render support
Improvements for the X-server
Support for CgFX 1.1
Improvements for multi-threaded rendering
See the SceniX 2.0.0 Changelog for more details

Latest update: November 21st 2012

SceniX 1.7.0 is now available!
SceniX 1.7.0 is now available!
This version is built on top of Mesa 7.11.1.
The following changes are incorporated in the new version:
New glDeleteNamedShader and glDeleteNamedFramebuffer functions to delete multiple named shaders and framebuffers
New glCompileShaderNamed function to compile named shaders
New gl 384a16bd22

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POSA R3000, a standalone motion detector that can be installed in a home or office, takes only one AA battery to operate for 7 years, with a sensitivity that allows detection of minute movements in a room that includes one or more people.
To safeguard your home or business and to prevent break-ins, POSA R3000 needs only one set of AA batteries to operate for 7 years. This is an ideal security device for families that want to safeguard their homes or offices from intruders.
POSA R3000 is a motion detector that triggers the alarm if someone moves more than once in a 7-minute time period and that will sound the alarm if it detects movement in a room that includes one or more people.
This movement detector is a standalone unit, with no need to be connected to any external system. In addition, it does not take more than one AA battery, which is ideal for working in rooms that include several people. In addition, POSA R3000 has an ideal sensitivity for recognizing movements caused by people moving in a room that includes one or more people.
This device also includes a range finder, which is used in conjunction with the motion detector to determine the presence or absence of movement. This movement detector can be installed in the following locations:
• Walls, floors, ceilings and doors
• Under beds, couches, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, tables, bookshelves, and shelves
The low power consumption and low maintenance costs of this security device are ideal for families that want to safeguard their homes or offices from intruders.
Key Features
Detection area: 30° x 30° (about 1.5 m²)
Motion detection sensitivity: 20 cm or more
Start/stop motion detection: Continuous
Motion detection mode: Continuous
Alarm clock: 1 hour or 1/2 hour (or continuously)
Doors, windows, windows and doors: Doors, windows and frames
Built-in range finder: Motion detection in addition to the doorbell
Detection of motion and silence (movement)
Determine the presence or absence of movement
Presence of people: movement, who is
Alarm and recording: Who
Automatically activates the
Records of the events: Who
Motion detection sensitivity:
Min. movement: 20 cm
Max. movement: 40 cm
Continuous: 30 cm or more
Number of movements:
Min.: 1
Max.: 7

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