Quip is a quick and intuitive document sharing and collaboration platform. Quip was developed to be the simplest way to view, edit, discuss and share documents on the web.
The team edition is free. Quip Pro ($14.99 monthly, $59.99 yearly) adds advanced features, including integration with Google Drive.
Quip Contacts:
The team edition of Quip includes a ready-to-use contact list.
The user edition doesn’t have a contact list. You need to create a new contact in your Quip application and then add it to your contact list.
Quip Pro Description:
Quip Pro includes advanced features, including integration with Google Drive, sharing with Google groups, integration with external tools (Trello, Asana, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Salesforce) and collaboration with others. Quip Pro users can also manage Quip documents offline.
Connect to Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs and other Google services
Integration with Trello, Asana and Dropbox, including in-app tools
Create and share Google-based team projects
Save, edit, view and export to Google Sheets, Google Docs and other Google services
Access Google calendar from within Quip
Add tasks and appointments to Trello, Asana and other projects
View and edit Google documents in the same window
Import or export Quip documents from Google Drive
Add Google Contacts to your list
Publish a Quip Pro Edition to the web
Sync Quip documents to your computer
Offline editing, sharing and editing of Quip documents
Group collaboration with Google, Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Salesforce and other services
Optional advanced features of Quip Pro
Integration with Salesforce
Add contacts, tasks and notes in the Google Sheets interface of Quip
Search and sort your Quip Contacts by phone, email address, title or more
Filter contacts on a per-column basis
Per-column sorting
Access your Quip Contacts from within Quip
Add contacts, tasks and notes in the Trello interface of Quip
Search and sort your Quip Contacts by name, phone number, email address, title or more
Filter contacts on a per-column basis
Per-column sorting
Quip Contacts Key features:
Export of your Quip Contacts to CSV file
Sort your Quip Contacts by Name, Email Address, Phone Number or by Title
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Easy Bates is a simple and useful program which stamps Bates numbers onto PDF and TIFF documents.
Easy Bates is flexible. It can add Bates numbers in 7 different fonts. It can add a text stamp along with the page number, and it can handle multi-line stamps. It can also avoid ever stamping over the existing contents of the document.
If you need to stamp the hard-copy originals too, Easy Bates can print labels to make it easy.
Easy Bates cannot add Bates numbers to Microsoft Word documents or any other format besides PDF and TIFF. It also cannot add Bates numbers to encrypted PDF documents.
What’s New in 3.5.0:

Bugs Fixed
New Features
GUI Changes
Interface changes

Screenshots of Easy Bates:

Easy Bates:

Price: $19.95;
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.4 MB

Janus Labels Software

from 1 review
«A well-designed program that provides the basics (labels, page numbers, line numbers, etc.) but requires a bit of tinkering. A great product at a reasonable price.»A beach in northern China’s Hebei province has been painted as a half-human, half-sea creature, causing a backlash from many netizens.

The animation is believed to be a part of a new movie called ‘The Little Mermaid’ and depicts Ariel and the two sea creatures who is later turned into a human.

Hebei, which is the easternmost province of China, is a cultural hotpot in China and a lot of the fads originate from there. While we’ve seen some of the crazier fads come from there – like the Grandpa Worm, there’s a lot of cooler (or not so cool) ones. So when it comes to cartoons, it only makes sense.

Local citizen Sun Qirong posted a photo of the artwork on Weibo, saying “I found the above picture on Weibo today. To be honest, it is my first time seeing such a thing. Do you have any idea what it is?”

The photo went viral, receiving over 1 million likes and tens of thousands of comments. Many netizens said they were not impressed by the artwork.

“That’s just a cheap commercial,” one user commented. “It’s not cartoon like.”

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