Lempel-Ziv algorithm is used to compress the plaintext through a brute-force type of cryptanalysis. By simultaneously searching for and building the LZ dictionary, LZ patterns are created and converted into a form to be searched by the LZ decoder.
By the time the LZ decoder is done, a one-to-one mapping is determined for every key value in the LZ dictionary. At this point, one of the three options will be chosen and the mapping will be converted into a form that can be fed into a decoder for the chosen option.
Decoder’s are written for all the three keys: the De Bruijn string, the Tataru’s Concatenator, and the Levenshtein Distance. The Levenshtein Distance decoder is the one that is used by default.


-Converting Lempel-Ziv into a brute-force decoder
-Decoding with multiple keys using Levenshtein Distance decoder
-Brute-force decoder for Lempel-Ziv based on autocorrelation
-Scoring system based on the idea of effective distance between keys
-Geometric view of the LZ dictionary
-Finding the correct way of increasing the size of the dictionary
-Solution of every possible cases
-Success metrics
-Decoding in multiple languages
-Independent Database integration of every single alphabet into the LZ dictionary
-Lempel-Ziv dictionary can be expanded for almost any alphabet size
-Combination of several dictionaries
-Included graphic files
-Does not use any third-party libraries


Shareware – GNU General Public License (GPL)



GNU General Public License (GPL)

Shareware – GNU General Public License (GPL)

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-Version History (Added in 2020-10-01)-

1.1.0 – 2020-07-01
-Added score to every solution (Added in 2020-06-01)-

1.0.0 – 2019-06-01
-Added score to every solution (Added in 2019-05-01)-

0.7.1 – 2017-12-02
-Fixed a bug in an import routine. (Added in 2017-08-03)- eea19f52d2


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