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A free utility that allows you to configure, start and interrupt key macros.
View All Macros
Close Last Run File
You can set the keyboard shortcuts to perform various actions on the files stored on your hard disk or even those that are opened in the editor. You can also define shortcuts to perform key sequences that automatically start and end one or more macros.
As you can see, this program features a good number of options that allow you to configure several pieces of information about your macros.
In practice, this software works perfectly, but the author could do with giving it a rating.
Easy macros management
The program’s interface is presented as a tree-like display that includes a set of columns. The main ones are the title and the macro’s name. You can access them in the context menu by right-clicking the Macros button on the right-hand side of the window.
When you double-click one of these items, the macro is loaded into the Editor window. You can then use the keyboard shortcuts or select an entry to start the macro or end it.
Although the start menu option provides the maximum amount of functionality in terms of options, the basic Macros Viewer doesn’t have any useful configuration options.
Evaluation and conclusion
Easy macros management is a great program that doesn’t require previous experience with the management of macros, although it doesn’t have any functional options to configure them. It can save you time if you’re tired of changing the keyboard shortcuts in order to have certain macros run each time you open a file or open an application.
A program that sets a series of keyboard shortcuts.
View All Shortcuts
You can define different shortcuts, as well as the key combinations to execute them.
In this case, you can make your own keyboard shortcuts to open files in the right program, create a new directory, and open any command-line options on your system.
The file contains a list of shortcuts and a section with a description for each one. If you want to define a shortcut that launches a program or a certain command, you can do so. If you want to execute a key combination, it will depend on your operating system, and we didn’t find a way to change this in Windows.
You can view the shortcuts without accessing the shortcut editor, which can be accessed by selecting the Shortcut Viewer option. This functionality is very useful, because you don’t have d82f892c90

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1. It is a software for recording the keys presses.

22.06.2010, version 0.3

DualBoot from USB Stick in WinXP Home SP3

DualBoot from USB Stick in WinXP Home SP3 is a small utility to help users install a Windows OS on a hard disk without first partitioning it. It lets the user select the destination partition (HDD) on which the new OS will be installed. DualBoot from USB Stick in WinXP Home SP3 allows partitioning if the destination partition is bigger than the one the user intends to install Windows on, for example if the destination partition already has data stored on it. DualBoot from USB Stick in WinXP Home SP3 is useful for dual booting on a partitioned hard disk.

[email protected] is small but very useful utility for webmasters. It allows webmasters to access, change and update their ASP.NET web sites from remote locations without the need to be connected to their local PC. All changes, updates and deployments are carried out through a web browser.

Kodi™ is the leading free and open source (GPL) software media player application mainly developed for use with digital media content from various sources.
Kodi™ provides an interface allowing users to organize content from a wide variety of sources into playlists, with support for many video and audio formats. The software also comes with a web interface.
Kodi™ is able to play back almost any digital media source on the market including videos, music, pictures, DVDs, and games. Also built-in are features to manage your media library, install third-party modules, or watch live streams.

The goal of iClip is to provide a fast, simple and easy-to-use framework for clipping. iClip is portable, so that it can be used by all Operating Systems without the need to install. Also, the program features an extension system, so you can easily create custom features, and download new ones from the web. iClip features save/load functions, a rich user interface, a simple wizard, multi-clipboards, and all the tools a fast user needs. You can search for texts in the clipboard contents, select a range of characters, or highlight all the contents of the clipboard.

While IDM is known as a music manager, it is more than just that. It includes a library manager, an audio player, a radio station, an AM/FM tuner

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