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Turn your nVidia video cards into a powerful workstation with nHancer, the most advanced and easiest to use program for nVidia users. With nHancer, you can easily configure and monitor your nVidia video card in a convenient user interface. There are many options for you to customize the appearance of the nVidia control panel, like nHancer presets, a extensive help file and an «instructor mode» to teach you how to use the software.
nHancer has a detailed list of supported features and cards, allowing you to setup a wide array of video cards without any problems.



nHancer V3.2.1 [nVidia]

nHancer is a handy and reliable solution designed to help users configure their nVidia video cards.
In case you feel like the control panel developed by nVidia isn’t enough for your needs, nHancer comes to solve this issue, providing support for a wide array of video cards, including all GeForce versions.
The interface is the living proof that nHancer is not addressed to beginners at all, so it’s recommended to either check the help file or search the Internet before making any modifications to the standard settings.
Basically, nHancer provides two different modes to set up a video card, global and profile, with the latter allowing you to pick different configurations for any video or game you wish to run on your computer.
The available settings are organized in tabs, so we have “Enhancements”, “Optimizations” and “Compatibility”.
What’s more, you can configure paramaters such as anti-aliasing, gamma correction, anisotropic filtering, vertical sync and ambient occlusion, but also adjust texture filtering, trilinear optimization, power management mode and prerender limit.
The “Compatibility” tab allows you to change Direct3D and OpenGL settings, including anti-aliasing compatibility, force mip maps, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and CPU Multi Core support.
The application allows you to create as many separate profiles as you wish, so it’s easy to change the settings before loading your favorite game. Plus, it comprises several options for nVidia’s SLI feature, but also dedicated tools to change fixed settings included in nVidia’s predefined profiles.
All in all, nHancer is a very useful eea19f52d2


– Cuts out everything that is colored black
– Works great with the «Black and White» effect
– Will not harm the original
– Available in different effect styles (exclude contrast, lighten, shade, and darken)
How to use Eliminate Black
1. Set the Contrast to «off» (0%)
2. Apply the Black & White Effect
3. Set the Contrast to «on» (100%)
4. Choose which style you want (exclude, lighten, shade, or darken)
For best results, start from step 2.
This is not Photoshop. It’s a mod.
Recommended usage:
– Use Black and White to make a monochromatic photo look cool.
– Eliminate Black could be used for more creative purposes than removing black from a photo.
In any case, please give credit to the original author.
How to get Eliminate Black:
– Visit
– Go to the bottom right corner of the page.
– Select «Extras» from the category «Add-Ons»
– Click «Get Now»
– Follow the instructions in the installer.
– After installing the plugin, you can use it by pressing F7.
If you have any questions, please ask here, in the forum or in the dedicated Eliminate Black website.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can use the following plugin:
This plugin searches every single layer within the photo and removes anything that is black. You can then select which layer you want to use as the background and save the resulting file as a new Photoshop file. The plugin will automatically change the background layer to have the same settings as the original photo.

Hey all!
Please rate the current version of PictureBomb for Mac by clicking on the stars on the right! This is the only way you will get updates to the current version.
This add-on will let you to easily add some basic functions to your pictures:
– Magic Mirror (mirrors the picture over a new layer)
– Watermark (creates a watermark)
– Reduce (reduces the size of your picture)
– Crop (crops your picture)
– Blur (blurs the picture)
– Zoom (zoom in/out)
– C


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