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Music Icons is a collection of royalty-free music icons, best used to represent musical notes, instruments, sheet music, audio recordings, synthesizers and more. Each icon has 8 variations:
Small, Medium, Large, Big, Super, Extra, Pixel Perfect and Sharp.
Music Icons is a great addition to your library of icons and is perfect for programmers.

Advanced PDF Icon is a set of 16 unique icons designed for displaying the PDF documents in professional manner.
Advanced PDF Icon set comes in 4 different color variations.
Advanced PDF Icon can be used for displaying document files like.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.rtf and more.

MetaStock Portfolio is a collection of ten (10) MetaStock based icons that are based on ten well-known stock indices: Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones Transportation Average, Dow Jones Morgan Stanley Composite, S&P 500, Dow Jones NYSE Composite, Nasdaq Composite, Russell 1000, Russell 2000, SmallCap 600, and Metals.
The Dow Jones Metals index icon set also includes price indicators that are useful for tracking the current prices of metals.

Apple Music is a set of 16 unique icons designed for displaying the songs of iTunes Music Store.
Each icon has a transparent background.
Apple Music is a great addition to your library of icons and is perfect for programmers.

The non-commercial version of our creative software Adgena premium is ideal for architects, interior designers, product designers, web-developers and everybody in the design industry. It offers a huge number of tools for designing, editing, rendering and printing any graphics.
The latest version of Adgena can help you:

Banner Icon is a set of 50 unique icons designed for displaying various types of banners on the web, emails, social networks, magazines and other media.
Each icon is presented in PNG file with transparent background and has a size of 32×32 pixels.
Banner Icon set can be used for desktop and mobile applications and it’s free to use.

Manual Icon Set is a collection of 32 icons designed for displaying documents, presentations, manuals, instruction books, etc.
All icons are presented in PNG file format with transparent background.
Manual Icon Set is 0cd6e936a3


Photo-Lux is your photo editing toolkit, with an advanced selection of filters and actions to help you get the perfect pictures. Its powerful features give you the possibility to enhance your images with effects, color adjustments and frames for professional results.
It includes tons of filters: – Blur effects, Grainy photo filter, 3D filter, Anti-Aliasing, High dynamic range, Lomo, Noise reduction, Radial blur, Shadow/Highlights, Saturate, Sketch, Tone Mapping, Toy camera, Vignette, Gradient, Animation, Black & white. – Adjustments: – Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, white balance, shadows, highlights, black & white – Filters: – Art, Chameleon, Color filter, Colorizer, Contrast, Frames, Gradient, Lens filter, photo filter, pixelize, random, pattern, motion blur, retro, retro pixel, Sketch, Sketch over filter, Toy camera, vignette, video – effects: – Anti-aliasing, Analog, Anime, Bleach, Cartoon, Effect filter, Film, Fringe, Glass, Glow, Lomo, Reverse, Sepia, Still-life, Toy camera, Vector, Vintage, Watercolor, White-balance – Action: – Rotate, Crop, Crop and rotate, Flip, Fill, Fit, Grayscale, High dynamic range, OTTOMARO, Set exposure, Sharpen, Sketch, Squeeze, Stitch, Tilted, Tonal, Zebra


FFineFilter 1.0
for Windows

FFineFilter is a powerful effect
toolkit for image adjustment. It includes a very
powerful filter module, additional adjustment
tools, and a vast range of effects. You can create
perfect image adjustment in just a few
minutes. It’s fast, easy-to-use and very
Key features:
• Multiple filters for one image
• High Dynamic Range, Grayscale, HDR, Highlight &
Shadow, Tone Mapping, Flat Tone, Lens Flare, Grayscale,
Colorize, Black and White, Chameleon, Color Filter,
Colorize, Art Filter, Animation, Contrast, Crop,
Reverse, Fill, Fit, Sharpen, Squeeze, Saturate,
Tilt, Tonal, Stich, Vignette, Posterize,


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