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Password recovery software that enables you to remove a password of the current user account.
With its help you are able to save the account’s password or its hash, or display the list of users with the password to crack.
It’s a fast and reliable solution when it comes to removing a password of the current user account and can be effectively used to recover user’s passwords in case of password theft or forgotten.
The main window of the application displays a list of users with their passwords and allows you to choose the account you want to recover.
A step-by-step approach and option to save, restore, or recover passwords are available.Gmina Zalewo

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KeyMacro is a small software utility that allows you to mask passwords in a database. As its name suggests, this application lets you mask passwords by applying one or more macros to them.
What is a Macro?
A macro is a short textual description (or «macro name») that specifies a transformation that should be performed when the password is entered. The purpose of macros is to replace the original password with one that can be used without any problems.
Why use a macro?
There are several reasons why you might want to use macros in a password field:
To mask the passwords
If you are storing passwords in your database, you might need to mask them so that they do not appear in plain text. This application lets you mask the passwords and apply one or more macros to them.
To automatically change the password
In some cases, your database might require that you specify a password when you create a user. If that is the case, the application can let you specify a transformation that can be performed automatically when a user’s password is changed.
To obscure the password
You might use a password in your database but you do not want the information related to it to appear in plain text, including the password itself. In such cases, you can use macros to mask the password, and then apply one or more rules that will be applied when the user attempts to log in. For instance, you might specify that if the user’s age is greater than or equal to a certain age (say, 21), the password should not be printed in plain text.
Macro Description:
This application allows you to create, edit and execute macros in the following fields:
The password that you want to mask with a macro.
Macro Name
The name of the macro you want to apply.
The rule you want to apply.
Rule Type
Type of the rule you want to apply.
Password: 123456
Macro Name: (@n)
Rule Type:
Description: Replaces the specified password with (@n), where @n is a random number between 0 and 255.
To use the macro
Execute the macro that will be stored in the database.
Please note: if you change the password with another tool, the original value will be lost. Therefore, if you change the password manually, the new password will not be processed by macros.
Password: 123456

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