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Connect the computer with the software installed and launch the Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery. For more information, refer to the video tutorial included in the Download section.Takahiro Kawai has been promoted from “trainee” to “executive producer” on the staff of the upcoming CG animation film “Promare” (Promare). The film’s character designer Toshiaki Matsuura, who also serves as the animation director, had previously announced on Friday that he would handle directing duties on the film.

The film is the second entry in the Promare trilogy, which began in 1994 with the film “Promare no Lion” and continued in 2000 with “Promare no Minotaur.”

The Promare trilogy focuses on a school for young rangers, from which the main protagonist goes on a journey to learn his identity. When the film was announced in 2012, the project was described as a cross-media project that would also include a live-action film and an original TV anime adaptation.

The film’s original script was written by the “Bonanza” writer Kentaro Takekuma. Masanobu Hoshino, who also wrote “The Idolmaster” anime, is adapting the script for animation.

Takahiro Kawai will direct the project at Polygon Pictures, while Toshiaki Matsuura will also direct the animation. Makoto Ono, the CG supervisor for the “Gurren Lagann” anime, is directing the CGI animation.

The staff of the film includes both Japanese and overseas animators. The overseas animators include animators from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Polygon Pictures and Polygon Pictures USA are co-producing the project. Production I.G, AIC, Tsuburaya Productions, Satelight, Nippon Television, Skydance Productions, and Polygon Pictures USA also provided animation support.

Sources: Animate Times, Animate Times 2


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