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When creating macros with PowerBasic PRO, you should know how to define and call macros.

Macros are used to perform a sequence of several operations or controls. Macros are simple to use, but they can be difficult to use incorrectly.


If you are creating macros in PowerBasic PRO, you should be familiar with the following two concepts:

Defining a macro – in other words, creating a function that performs a specific set of actions for a specific purpose. This function can be called from other functions.

Calling a macro – defining a function, and calling that function from any other function in your program.

Creating macros

You create a macro by using the macro tab of the Application Builder tool, in the Macros group. The Application Builder tool provides a toolbox to the right of the screen, and the toolbox contains icons for tools and functions that are available in PowerBasic PRO, including macros. To begin a macro, click on the Macros tab and then drag the mouse pointer to the right of the screen to the desired location where you would like the macro to occur.

Figure 5. Macro tools in the Application Builder

Figure 5 shows the macro tab that contains two sections: the macro section and the regular section.

To create a macro, click on the macro tab to place the mouse pointer at the macro tab and drag the mouse pointer to the desired location on the screen. After placing the mouse pointer at a desired location on the screen, a small arrow will appear in the form of a vertical bar that will show you the center of the macro. This arrow will allow you to drag the macro to any position.

Figure 6. Macro Center

You can only create a macro by dragging the macro to a new location. To drop the macro at any location other than the desired location, use the Delete button. Once the macro is created, it is ready to be used.

You can create a macro only for a specific tool or function. To create a macro for a specific tool, use the macro editor at the top of the macro screen. This editor allows you to create macros for any tool.

To create a macro for any tool, first select the tool that you want the macro for in the Toolbox. Then click on the macro tab and drag the mouse pointer to the desired location on the screen where you want the macro to appear. After you have placed the macro on the screen, you can either 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use macro recorder that enables you to add macros to your documents without having to manually record them. These macros are then automatically saved in a macro library so that they can be reused in your documents.
Simply create a new document, place the cursor on a macro code (the dotted circle), choose «Record macro» and then start typing the code of the macro. KEYMACRO will automatically create the macro code on the mouse click. Keymacro remembers the last macro code used to create the document, so that when you need to use the same macro in another document you can just type it in again.
And since you don’t have to worry about the size of the macro code, this is a real time-saver and it saves you time, space, and a lot of unnecessary typing.
KEYMACRO supports Microsoft Office products as follows:
* Word: Create macros that can be easily activated from the toolbar.
* Excel: Create macros that can be easily activated from the toolbar.
* PowerPoint: Create macros that can be easily activated from the toolbar.
KEYMACRO also records keystrokes and mouse clicks.
* Mouse clicks can be used to trigger macros.
* Shortcut keys can be recorded.
* Text entry can be recorded.
* Mouse movements can be recorded.
* Interactions with objects on the screen can be recorded.
* Custom actions can be recorded.
* Hot keys can be recorded.
* Link/unlink can be recorded.
All in all, KEYMACRO makes a great tool for creating macros without having to record them by hand, what with its simple and intuitive user interface.
KEYMACRO will automatically record macros from documents you create or edit with Microsoft Office products. By using this tool you won’t have to record macros by hand and you’ll be able to reuse the same macros in other documents. You can also save your macros as template and load them later on.
Furthermore, you can also export the macros you’ve recorded to a separate file, so that you can further edit them.
KEYMACRO is a useful tool to record macros in Microsoft Office and save them as template. It can record a number of actions including mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts and text input. It also works with keystrokes and custom actions, and can detect hot keys. The macros can be exported to a separate file so that you can further edit them.
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